Moving From Utah

Moving out of state or across the country involves a lot of decisions. Perhaps the most important decision is which type of moving service to use. Should you hire a Full Service Moving Company like Moving Connections? Maybe get a rental truck? Nowadays, you also have the choice of rentinag a Uhaul, POD, 26 foot Trailer, Pallet, or Trailer pulled by your own vehicle.

Moving Long-Distance with a Rental Truck
It's a difficult decision: Should you hire Moving Connections or rent a moving truck like Uhaul and let Moving Connections' Professional Movers do the loading and unloading for your move? Renting your own truck will be cheaper than hiring a full service moving company even including Moving Connections, but there are some important points to cover before you make your decision, for example what size of the truck you should use.

The size of your home will determine what size truck you need to rent. We recommend renting one with at least 10 percent more size than you think you'll need. It's easy to underestimate the amount of stuff you have in closets, cabinets, or stored in the attic. Most trucks run between 10 foot in size for a loft, studio, or one-bedroom apartment, up to 26' feet or more for a four bedroom home or larger. You should also take into consideration how much furniture you own, because it often takes up the largest portion of a truck. Packing boxes of various sizes will let you slip some into nooks and crannies.

Long-distance moving with a rental truck can be more costly than you might think when you add up the cost of fueling a truck, hotel stays during your trip and lost work time. Using a rental truck can also take a physical toll.

Moving Long-Distance using PODS
Moving is stressful enough without trying to get your entire house loaded or unloaded in a day. Many people use their garages to pack and store their household items getting them ready for moving. If you don't have a garage or you don't want to use one, you can use PODS' portable storage solutions or trailers. The main difference between using PODS and trailers is that with PODS you have much more time to load your items whereas with trailers your rental time is usually limited to a couple of days. Also, with PODS containers and trailers, there’s no double-handling like with storage units, minimizing the chance of breakage.

Plus with PODS, our professionals at Moving Connections will take care of the driving. You lock your possessions in your PODS container and we'll pick it up and move it to your next home or one of their secure PODS Storage Centers. We can move your belongings straight to your new home, we can store them locally, or we can store them in your new city. PODS has more than 230 Storage Centers nationwide where you can store your loaded container between moves. When you’re ready for your belongings to be delivered, we’ll bring them to you at your convenience, and you can take all the time you need to unload everything or you can use Moving Connections movers to do it for you.

Pallet Shipping for Your Small Long Distance Moves
First off, when is a pallet absolutely necessary? As was stated above, the decision to use a pallet as your preferred shipping method is driven by the number of items being shipped, and their overall size and weight. If you have a large number of boxes being shipped to the same destination, it simply makes more sense to have them all delivered together. Not only will this ensure every item is delivered at once, but it will help lessen the chance of any of the items being damaged in the shipment.

From falling off the back of a truck to being crushed under the weight of another package, a number of unfortunate things can occur to your shipment throughout the shipping process. Shipping a pallet helps to eliminate these concerns through highly customized and secure packaging for small and large items alike. For example, a collection of boxes can be stacked on a pallet, shrink-wrapped, then banded to eliminate unnecessary movement. Conversely, a large item such as a piano can be packaged in a custom crate and secured to a pallet to ensure quick and efficient transport while eliminating the chance of human error. Furthermore, palletized shipping is simply more cost effective.

What are the benefits of a moving trailer?
A moving trailer is one of the most affordable ways to move long distance, and thus, is a major benefit. Companies that provide this service can offer affordable rates because they will use the entire 28' trailer, regardless of how much space you actually use. For example, if you utilize 13' of space the company will use the remaining 15' of space to transport commercial goods. Rest assured that the shipments are separated by a bulkhead to prevent your items from mixing in with the commercial goods. Additionally, these companies have very low minimum space requirements making it a very attractive option for small moves that only need a few feet of space.

Trailers pulled by your own vehicle
Another option is to choose moving trailers that you can pull by your own vehicle. You can hire Moving Connections' professional movers to help you pack and load the moving trailer or you can do all the packing and loading yourself.

Trailers moved by personal vehicles are realively small. The two most common sizes are the 5'x8' and the 6'x12' (trailer shown here). These are often ideal eg. for a student moving back home. Since a trailer has no engine it's usually very inexpensive to rent. You can move across the country for a few hundred dollars plus the cost of fuel. This option is considered the best value in the moving industry for very small moves.

When to use a Full Service Moving Company
When relocating, you can hire a moving company like Moving Connections to do a full-service move. If you decide on a full-service move, Moving Connections will pack your things up in your old home, load them onto our truck, drive to your new location, unload everything off our truck, and unpack your belongings in your new home. Though full-service moves can be expensive, they can provide for a less stressful move – you can sit back and relax as the movers do all the work! To get Full Service for your next Salt Lake City move call 801-532-6683

Advantages of using Moving Connections are manifold including the time you will save by not having to pack everything, not to mention saving your back. Also, a professional driver from Moving Connections will be handling the move, so you don't have to worry about renting and driving a big truck. On top of everything else, you can be confident that your belongings will be packed by Moving Connections' experienced professionals using the best materials and methods. This option will likely cost the most but involve the least amount of damage, stress and work for you.

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