Moving Equipment Most Used By Moving Companies

Moving Connections uses and sells moving equipment including blankets, dollies, covers, straps as well as various moving supplies.

The Following Moving Equipment is used daily by Moving Connections

Moving Blankets & Moving Pads
Moving Blankets & Moving Pads

Blankets are crucial for keeping your items from rubbing against one another and preventing scratches on your furniture. Moving blankets are normally placed on the top and sides of furniture items after they are placed in the moving truck. If you are storing furniture for any amount of time, blankets can keep your items from collecting dust or deteriorating. For a demonstration on how to use moving blankets, see our youtube video how to protect your belongings with moving blankets.
Professional Moving Help Uses Moving Blankets & Moving Pads

Moving Dollies
Padded Four Wheel Furniture Dolly

A furniture (or 4-wheel) dolly is used to move all kinds of over-sized or heavy objects. Pianos, desks,refrigerators, washing machines, and pretty much any other large household item you can think of can be moved with a furniture dollies. These dollies are usually rated for 800 or 1000 lbs. Some items such as pianos will require 2 furniture dollies, one under each end. For a demonstration on how to use a furniture dolly, see our youtube video: How to Move an Upright Piano
Professional Moving Laborers Use Padded Four Wheel Furniture Dollies

Moving Dollies
Rubber Four Wheel Dolly

The rubber capped dolly is excellent for heavy loads, such as upright pianos. When the piano is let down, the dolly doesn’t “squirt out”, as a smooth surfaced dolly is apt to do. The 4 wheel rubber dolly is also excellent for negotiating turns on carpeted floors, gripping the load and not allowing it to slide off while cornering. For a demonstration on how to use a 4 wheel dolly, see our YouTube video, “How to Move an Upright Piano”
Professional Moving Laborer Uses Rubber Four Wheel Dollies

Hand Trucks
Refrigator & Appliance Hand Truck

An appliance dolly tends to be the best option when moving refrigerators, washers, and stoves. These dollies have a wider base and built-in belly strap to go around your appliance and hold it in place.
Professional Moving Helpers Use Refrigator & Appliance Hand Trucks

Basic Steel Hand Truck
Basic Steel Dolly

This is the most common type of dolly you typically see professional movers or delivery men using. The best way to save time and money on a household move is by using a handtruck to move your boxes and furniture items from filing cabinets, desks and dressers to armoirs, chests, sofas, and chairs. For tips on how to use a hand truck, see our youtube video: How to Use a 2 Wheel Dolly
Professional Moving Labor Uses Basic Steel Dollies

Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck
Convertible Hand Truck

Convertible hand trucks feature a 2-in-1 design: use it upright on two wheels for narrow loads up to 550 lbs., then easily click it into a 4-wheel platform truck when you need to haul larger, heavier cargo up to 770 lbs. Easy release mechanism for smooth and quick conversion and operation. Rounded handle. 10" wheels with 5" casters. Nose plate: 7.5"x18.
Professional Moving Help Uses Convertible Hand Trucks

Appliance & Hand Trucks
4 Wheel Appliance Hand Trucks for stabillity and strength

These dollies are designed for extra heavy or bulky loads such as large refrigerators or gun safes. They feature a double barred frame, an adjustable strap for securing the load, plus an extra set of wheels that drop down to allow the hand truck to lean back and rest. This allows the movers to guide the object more easily and more safely to and from the moving van.
Professional Moving Labor Uses 4 Wheel Appliance Hand Trucks for stabillity and strength

Piano Moving Equipment
Piano Boards

Moving a piano safely requires professional equipment to not only protect the piano and flooring, but the movers as well. A piano board (also called piano skid boards) and piano moving straps are a must, and using our rubber cap moving dollies make it easy to create a custom piano moving dolly. While these are items are excellent for lightening the load, don’t forget professional furniture pads and moving blankets to add a layer of protection to delicate surfaces. Be sure to check our piano moving equipment along with our full selection of moving supplies.
Professional Moving Laborer Uses Piano Boards

Piano Moving Equipment
Panel Carts

You can use panel carts to move a lot of long, wide, and narrow items very handily. You might have used one of these at a large hardware store. Not only can they be used to move 4’ x 8’ plywood sheets up to the cash register, they can also be used in your home to move granite countertops, mattresses, flat screen TV monitors, or even to move large plywood sheets from your shop to the moving van.
Professional Moving Help Uses Panel Carts

Piano Moving Equipment

You’ve probably seen hampers of various types being used in warehouses or even at the Post Office. Hampers of this type do not carry laundry, though they can perform that role, but they are typically used to hold an assortment of various items to be moved a short distance. They are often used in office moves to hold stacked drawers of desks, cabinets, and file cabinets. However, they can be used for many other items, too.
Professional Moving Helper Uses Hampers

Piano Moving Equipment
Speed Packs

Speed Packs are much like hampers, but they are put on a dolly rather than being affixed to a frame with wheels. Their sides and floors are made of heavyweight triple wall cardboard. As their name implies, they are designed for fast, efficient loading. They can manage just about any type of item that you might want to put in them and can hold up to 600 lbs. of goods. They are re-useable and can be easily collapsed for convenient transport. Professional Moving Labor Uses Speed Packs

Moving Straps & Bands
Moving Straps & Bands

Moving straps are made by different companies, and have names such as Forearm Forklift ® and Shoulder Dolly ®, etc. All work on the same principle. They are long, heavy duty straps with loops at both ends that go around your shoulders. You stoop down to let one strap under your end of the object, while your partner does the same on the other end. Your hands steady the object while you stand slowly (lift with your legs) on a count of three. Read the instructions carefully first, and make certain that you understand them before trying to move anything heavy. Professional Moving Help Uses Moving Straps & Bands

Moving Straps & Bands
Hump Strap

Hump Straps ® are made of four layers of 10 oz. burlap, with cloth sides to protect your skin. They can be put around boxes behind you and pulled snugly to your back for easy lifting and transport. They can also be used like regular moving straps to lift heavy objects with the aid of another person. Great caution must be used, however, especially when going up or down stairs. Watch videos on how to use these first. Professional Movers Use Hump Strap

Shoulder Dolly Moving Strap
Shoulder Dolly Moving Strap
The Shoulder Dolly is a must-have whether you're a do-it-yourself mover, or just occasionally move heavy and bulky objects around the house or garage. This easy-to-use 2-person lifting system utilizes your legs to do the work, which decreases stress and strain to your back, neck, forearms, biceps and hands. The moving strap system can lift up to 800 lbs. safely, and also frees your hands to allow you to gently guide items safely and with control.
Professional Moving Help Uses Shoulder Dolly Moving Strap
Tie Down Straps
Tie Down Straps

These straps are made of the same material as the seat belts in your car. But they differ in that they have two separate belts, one with a locking clip at one end and a thread-through buckle at the other. The second belt has one end with the same type of clip, while the other end is free to go through the thread-through buckle on the other strap. The clips attach to opposite walls in the railings of the truck, while the free end of the one belt threads through the buckle of the other. When the strap is then tightened across a wall of boxes, it stabilizes them to keep them from tumbling or jostling out of position.

Professional Moving Helpers Use Tie Down Straps
Stretch Wrap
Stretch Wrap
This high-performance stretch wrap is pre-stretched so it's lighter weight (about one-third the weight of a standard roll), which reduces the amount of pressure needed when wrapping, and eliminates user fatigue. Unique rolled edges provide added strength, reduce tearing, and create extreme holding force and excellent cling.
Professional Moving Laborer Uses Stretch Wrap
Neoprene Floor Runner
Neoprene Floor Runners

These are reusable neoprene mats that can be put on floors and carpets to protect them from scratches, tears, and abrasions. They protect many different surfaces, such as tile, wood, laminate, etc. They typically have a non-adhesive slip resistant backing that clings to various types of flooring for better traction. They come in different colors for bright contrast, and they roll up like a regular carpet runner for convenient storage and transport.

Professional Moving Laborers Use Neoprene Floor Runners
Padded Hand Truck Cover
Padded Hand Truck Covers
The same durable polyester material that goes into our quilted moving blanket is what is used in our padded hand truck cover. It has a rounded top to accommodate the shape of most hand trucks, and it has Velcro ® straps in the back for easy, convenient adjustability. This will help to protect the finish of items being transported on the hand truck by providing a cushion on the frame.
Professional Movers Use Padded Hand Truck Covers
Door Jamb Protector
Door Jamb Protectors
Quilted door jamb covers offer an added layer of protection for your door jambs. This easy to use and affordable item helps protect your door jamb from dents and splintering that can easily occur when moving heavy and bulky items into or out of a room. These are made of tough quilted polyester. They are an excellent investment to preserve the value of your home.
Professional Moving Helper Uses Door Jamb Protectors
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